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Electrical energy converted into mechanical vibration
piezo electric effect

The ultrasonic electronic generator transforms the mains supply voltage signal into high voltage at the desired frequency (kHz). And the ultrasonic transducer converts the electric oscillation into mechanical vibration of a few microns thanks to piezoelectric ceramics.

Depending on the kind of transducer, the vibration is transmitted to the cleaning bath fixing the piezoelectric element on a membrane (tank, plate transducer or immersible ultrasonic box) or via a titanium probe (rod transducer).


Cavitation bubbles

The pressure / depression of gas dissolved in the cleaning bath thus creates a phenomenon of micro cavitation bubbles , which act as thousands of micro-jets on the surface of parts to clean. These bubbles release a strong thermal and kinetic energy and take down fine particles of dirt.

Micro jets of ultrasonic cavitation have a mechanical effect to remove the dirt. The use of a bath at about 50°C and with a suitable detergent favors the phenomenon of ultrasound and the cleaning efficiency. For some finishing cleaning, a bath without detergent and at room temperature can sometimes be sufficient.

Cavitation generated by ultrasonic cleaning devices is relatively unstable and dependent on the conditions of the cleaning bath (temperature, detergent, type and arrangement of parts in the basket...). That is why the ultrasonic generators from the SinapTec NexTgen range compensate changes in the bath by controlling the frequency and power.

cavitation bubble - ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning News

Ultrasonic Cleaning News