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Do not run dry

The ultrasonic device must be immersed to dissipate the energy and ensure the smooth operation of the transducers. It is recommended to use a level sensor in the cleaning bath. It can be wired directly to the "Process" generator model.


To avoid noise, independent tanks are usually equipped with a lid and automated machines are closed.

For frequencies between 20 and 30 kHz, it is recommended to use hearing protections. The ultrasonic frequency is not audible; it is in fact the vibration modes of the tank structure that you can hear. Over 40 kHz, the noise level is lower and not much annoying.

Protection against high voltage

In case of single transducers fixed directly on the tank wall or on plate transducer membrane, they must be inaccessible to operators, as they are supplied with high voltage.

Installation of the ultrasonic cleaning generator

Ultrasonic cleaning generators should be installed in an area protected against moisture and humidity: within the housing of the cleaning tank, in an electrical cabinet, or remote from the area of cleaning..

Atex Zone

Ultrasonic cleaning transducers are not ATEX certified. Their use under certain ATEX conditions can be considered, subject to pressurization of the housing containing the transducers.

Ultrasonic Cleaning News

Ultrasonic Cleaning News