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Ultrasonic cleaning is very effective to improve the cleaning quality of sensitive parts, or parts with difficult areas to clean such as holes, bores... This technology is also used to reduce the use of detergent with harmful environmental effect or restricted solvents.

Ultrasonic cleaning is used for example in the following applications :

  • Ultrasonic degreasing of mechanical parts after machining and turning,
  • Ultrasonic precision cleaning in the watch and jewellery industry,
  • Ultrasonic prewash before surface treatment: galvanic treatment, electrochemical treatment or electrolytic treatment for aerospace and automotive sectors,
  • Ultasonic fine cleaning of and dental and medical devices (MD) before disinfection in an autoclave,
  • Cleaning and rinsing of optical or technical lenses for ophthalmic applications,
  • Food machine parts cleaning,
  • Maintenance of machine parts,
  • Ultrasonic decontamination in the nuclear industry,
  • Finishing cleaning for electronic components, electronic cards, smart cards,
  • Removal of polishing paste residues used for turning,
  • Particle Cleaning
  • ...

Ultrasonic Cleaning News

Ultrasonic Cleaning News