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image001 This new-generation generator, based on the NexTgen concept, makes the use of ultrasonic technology even more flexible and easy. Indeed, the INCASE multi-function generator has been designed to offer you more control and efficiency in your cleaning processes, while turning to Industry 4.0.

+ Intelligence 4.0
Digital device to offer more control and evolutivity
Access to ultrasonic process data
Search for optimal operating point for more efficiency
Process repeatability
Adaptability all over the world thanks to remote update
Remote control of the generator
Communication (Ethernet) for networking an unlimited number of generators
+ Flexible
Multifrequency (Dual Frequency) for more advanced cleaning processes
Multi-system to control 2 identical or different ultrasound sets with the same generator !
Mono frequency from 12 kHz to 100 kHz
Power up to 1500Weff
+ Easy
Plug and play for a quick start of the installation
Simple visual indicator for the state of the generator
Simplified user interface
This generator is associated with a range of transducers and frequencies more complete to meet ever more varied needs and equip your existing tanks or your future installations:
- Mono frequency: 22, 28, 35, 40, 80 and 100Khz
- Multifrequency: 28/80 kHz, 40 / 100Khz
Designed and manufactured in France


The INCASE 1500 multi-function generator is able to drive two different equipments by switching from one to the other.

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The INCASE 1500 multi-function generator is able to drive systems of two different frequencies.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning News