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messekompakt2015New 100 kHz ultrasonic cleaning transducer

SinapTec extends its ultrasonic cleaning equipment range by proposing a new 100 kHz ultrasonic cleaning transducer for a  thorough ultrasonic cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning of  fragile parts.


new 100 kHz ultrasonic cleaning

SinapTec celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Since its creation, SinapTec activity quickly turned to ultrasonic cleaning, more particularly to ophthalmic lens ultrasonic cleaning, and to applications in the nuclear industry for processing and declassification of radioactive waste.

SinapTec saw a turning point in its history with the NexTgen technology, which gave rise to an international patent: new corporate and brand image, clearer and more complete websites, new strategy and organization orientated towards our customers markets, and new flexible, innovative and efficient NexTgen product range.

This anniversary opens a new phase of international expansion with new partners around the world!



To answer one of the ultrasonic cleaning users main concerns, we created NexTgen ultrasonic Analyser: an exclusive frequency and power monitoring and measurement device.

Indeed, ultrasonic cleaning generators do not all give the information of effective ultrasonic power for the ultrasonic cleaning bath, or values are not easily comparable, each manufacturer having different power calculation modes. NexTgen ultrasonic Analyser provides reliable and comparable measures for your different ultrasonic cleaning systems, as well as innovative transducer diagnosis functions.



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