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générateur 1500 w 1500 W NexTgen inside ultrasonic cleaning generator is a compact model meeting the different needs: simple on / off, power monitoring, PLC communication via Ethernet / RS485 connection. This model can be set to 1500 W maximum for ultrasonic tanks up to 150 L. Power is chosen according to various criteria given on page How to choose? NexTgen inside 1200 W is used with transducers fixed directly onto a tank, ultrasonic plate transducers, immersible transducer boxes, or 250 and 450 mm rod transducers. The temperature input of the "Process" generators model replaces external temperature regulator and controls the temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning bath. It also allows you to select the operating mode: degassing, regulated at the resonance frequency, or sweep. NexTgen softwares are useful tools for tuning, preventive maintenance and ultrasound monitoring. They can be used locally or remotely via the internet.

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1500 W ultrasonic generator - Classic

On the Classic model, a dry contact starts and stops the ultrasonic cleaning cycle. The power is set thanks to the free NexTgen Start software tool, or the Advanced version.

Communication option
Ethernet network or RS485 to connect to a PLC or a human-machine interface.

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1500 W ultrasonic generator - Process

This model comprises additionally:
- Analog power input and output
- Input for temperature and output for driving a heating resistance
- Inputs for the choice of mode: degassing controlled frequency or modulated frequency.

Communication option
Ethernet network or RS485 to connect to a PLC or a man-machine interface.

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